viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2011

¿Qué pasará con el euro?

Según diario finlandes:

Officially, dropping the euro is not even possible. The treaties speak nothing of any such possibility.

In the view of The Economist the destruction of the euro could begin with the collapse of a large bank. For instance, the Italian bank Unicredit has such extensive linkages with the world financial system that its fall could spark a destructive chain reaction in companies in the financial field.
But not even that would necessarily topple the euro.
“If a large bank falls, help will start to come from central banks from all over the world. Its impact would be that great”, Professor Haaparanta (of the Aalto University) says.

At the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA), managing director Sixten Korkman does not believe that any kind of bankruptcy would destroy the euro project.

“The dissolution of the monetary union would be such a terrible situation that it is difficult to see it as a solution to any problem. The euro is also a very political project by nature, whose original idea was to bind the unified Germany with European unification. I do not believe that there is a desire to give this up”, Korkman says.

Crane manufacturer Konecranes, meanwhile, has operations in 50 countries. In spite of this, the company has not taken any exceptional measures to prepare for a euro crisis.
“We have followed normal principles of crisis management. We are thinking about where to keep our cash supplies, and what banks have credit limits”, says CFO Teo Ottola.
However, all large companies have prepared for a looming credit slump and a recession by securing their financing further into the future than usual.

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